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1) COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER: The COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER holds via conference call from tomorrow Monday to Saturday. Time: 6 am (Monday to Friday) and 7 am (Saturday). Phone number – 03309981320 Access code: 949266#. All members are expected to connect.

2) MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE: Our Midweek Communion Service holds on Wednesday. We should all wait on the Lord in a fast and meet at the church to partake of the Prophetic Word and the Communion. The service time is 6:30 pm.

3) WINNERS SATELITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF): Our house-to-house fellowship, which is a place of love, care and leadership development holds every Saturday. We are all expected to be part of WSF for our spiritual growth and development. Time: 5 pm to 6 pm.


Authored by Bishop David O. OyedepoAuthored by Faith A. Oyedepo
·        Keys to Divine Health

·        The Healing Balm

·        The Miracle Meal

·        Fulfilling Your Days

·        Rescued from Destruction

·        Healing, Health and Wholeness

·        The Power of the Communion Table

·        The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ

5) GOOD NEWS!!! SUNDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER 2019 is our COVENANT DAY OF SETTLEMENT.  Come for an encounter with the power in the Word for your settlement in all areas of life. The service time is 10:00 am.